Ricky Cahill (rikk)

PLEASE PLEASE, If you like any of the photo's or galleries leave a quick comment or drop me an email. It's a little depressing seeing 100k image views and no comments as someone must like them ;)

Welcome to my site, I hope you enjoy your stay and my photographs.

All the photographs are free to use, all I ask is :-

For personal use, ie put on a wall etc, please just send me a quick email saying what it is you've printed so I can see what people like.

For use on a website/flyer/magazine/calendar, please email me with the details of the photographs you want to use and how they are to be used. Once permission is granted all I usually ask is that I get a photocredit next to the images and you send me a copy of whatever they appear in.

For newspaper or advertising use please contact me with details of the images required and we can take it from there.

(when quoting what photographs you'd like to use please quote the number just below the picture)